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What Else Should I Know?

Is There A Minimum AGe To Be A Goat Nanny?

  • Goat Nannies can bring a maximum of 2 family members that are 10 or older if there is room in the session.
  • Each goat nanny will need to sign a waiver when they register for a session to confirm that they understand basic ground rules.  You will be signing the waiver for your guests and will be responsible for your guests.
  • There will be a maximum of 4 total guests allowed per goat nanny session.
  • Please sign up everyone in your party that will be coming when you register.  Our session sizes are intentionally small (limited to 10 per session), so do not bring more people than you have signed up for.

Bradley Mountain Farm Goat Nannies

Can I SIgn Up For Multiple Sessions?

  • Goat Nannies can sign up one time for each 8 week session being offered.
  • If you would like to sign up for more sessions and there are openings, please send us a direct request via our contact page.  We will try to accommodate if there are openings.
  • Goat Nannies must be 16 years or older to register.
  • Children who are 10 or older may come as a guest of a registered goat nanny.  All should come dressed and ready to work and participate.  Please judge the maturity level and the interest level before bringing a child to goat nannies.  Goats are strong animals, and some children are afraid of them. 
  • If you have guests that are younger than 10 and would like to participate, there are other farm activities that may be more fun for them.  Young children can feed the goats from behind the fence, take a pasture walk, or participate in a drop in project at any age!  

Can I Bring A Guest With Me?

What are Goat Nannies?

The goat nanny program is entirely volunteer and it should be fun and educational!  However, we do have some common sense ground rules that we would like you to be aware of and follow to participate:

  • You will always be accompanied by a Senior Goat Nanny or a member of the staff that is educated and versed in goat herd management and principles.  Please follow their direction and keep the safety of others and the herd in mind when you take action.
  • Always sanitize and wash your hands after petting or working with goats.
  • Each goat nanny will need to sign a waiver when they register for a session to confirm that they understand a few things about working on farms and how we run.  You will be working with healthy and strong livestock and there is a risk of injury.  We will be taking and posting general pictures of the events on social media.  You may be in the picture.  We have live goat cameras on the property.   Your image and your voice may be captured on our goat cams.
  • Participation in the program is solely at the discretion of the owners and staff members of the farm.  If you or your guests cannot take direction, act to endanger the goats or other animals at our farm, or harass other volunteers you will be asked to leave.
  • Come prepared to work, to learn, and to get dirty!   
  • Wear common sense clothing is comfortable.  Wear sturdy shoes and prepare for mud.  
  • Goats may unintentionally step on your shoes or your toes, so wear toe protection.
  • Be prepared to be outdoors for the entire session.  
  • Wear warm gear in the winter. 
  • Click on the below link to register for Goat Nannies
  • When a new session starts, you will receive an email invitation.  You will continue to receive updates and to receive ongoing communications!  Simple!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program 

How Do I SIgn Up?


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Bradley Mountain Goat Nannies are the volunteer team that helps us to manage, train, and socialize the herd. Goat Nanny sessions are broken into two components - one part focused on herd management, and one part focused on training and socialization.  Attendance at sessions are by email invitation only, and you need to sign up in advance.  Depending on what the herd needs, we may be:

  • Performing general health treatments such as administering shots, dispensing vitamins, de-worming, and even taking temperatures
  • Snuggling with the babies or nurturing the moms
  • Giving goats a manicure, or combing their hair
  • Taking goats out on leads and teaching them how to be less sensitive to common suburban sounds - cars, dogs, motorcycles  
  • Learning about common plants that are edible and feeding them to the herd
  • Clipping, cutting, and washing to make the herd beautiful
  • Performing general beauty treatments such as trimming hooves, shaving fur, bathing, and even braiding beards
  • Spending separate time with the bucks and wethers at the farm so they stay social and sweet  
  • Pulling a goat cart and preparing for a parade march
  • Hiking in the woods and utilizing goats to carry a backpack
  • Herding goats out in the pasture
  • Measuring, pinching, and prodding to make our herd healthy!  

How SHould I Prepare Before I Come?