Bradley Mountain Senior Goat Nannies are the volunteer team that helps at public events, participates in advanced training, and promotes herd socialization and human bonding.  There are a limited amount of spots available to be a Senior Goat Nanny and you may need to wait until there is room to join, but it is well worth it!  Depending on what the herd needs, we may be:

  • Helping with the delivery of new baby goats
  • Snuggling with the babies or nurturing the moms
  • Clicker training goats to perform tasks or tricks
  • Taking herd members out on longer hikes.  Preparing them for goat walks  
  • Teaching others about common plants that are edible and feeding them to the herd
  • Greeting the public at events, and being a farm ambassador
  • Attending farm events and teaching guests about the herd
  • Herd walking the bucks and wethers at the farm so they stay social and sweet  
  • Training and driving a goat cart and preparing for a parade march
  • Training goats to carry a backpack
  • Herding goats out in the pasture

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What are Senior Goat Nannies?

Bradley Mountain Farm Senior Goat Nannies


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Senior Goat Nannies are working more independently and are taking on greater responsibilities.  The minimum requirements are:

  • Being 18 years or older and able to attend an event or session alone
  • Having participated in the Goat Nanny program the previous year
  • Have attended a public event (i.e. Apple Harvest Parade, Town Celebration, etc). 
  • Bring able to attend 1 Senior Goat Nanny session per month
  • Being able to volunteer for at least two events per month.
  • Enjoying working with the public and being an ambassador for the farm

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program 

Bradley Mountain Farm

If you are interested in applying to be a Senior Goat Nanny, please click on the below button and tell us more!  We will contact you when we have an opening.  We would love to hear about you!

Is There A Minimum Requirement To Be A senior Goat Nanny?